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Remote Management – BASIC EDITION

We've taken practice management to a whole new level...goal and result-oriented, people-focused, streamlined, optimized for specificity and robust achievement, with the overarching objective to eliminate all friction-inducing errors along the patient treatment process. With a strong portfolio of remote technologies, coupled with our expertise in the field of healthcare management, our consultants (working hand-in-hand with your team) will ensure that your business experiences dramatic improvement across all domains of practice management. Please stick with us and see why even the most well-managed and well-staffed organizations under our management, have seen a significant lift in their ROI.


Online analysis/evaluation of the practice
Develop an action plan
Patient Process improvement
Customized Portal: Incoming call management monitoring, appointment management, intake, documentation, coding, billing, cash posting, reporting, labs, referrals, patient satisfaction surveys, routine monitoring of performance standards, etc.
Create digital reference files of all-payer credentialing, payer contracts, policies, procedures, outside vendors, etc.
Goal setting and monitoring – If the projected number of appointments is low react to correct the deficit.
Setting milestones – (Establish and implement short-term (3-6) months performance expectations).
Establish unique identities (e.g. for all business-related communications, security policies, etc.)
Task Assignment – Start Time, Finish, Time Elapsed, Deadline, Reminders, Automation Rules, Created on, Created By, Score, Responsible Person, Participants, Observers, Deadline, Checklists, History.
Remotely monitor the patient appointment schedule to review the level of “No shows”, customer satisfaction, etc.
Communicate with designated practice staff as needed.
Interpret regulatory updates and communicate to staff as needed.
Conduct scheduled conference calls with key staff to review practice performance metrics.
Provide key staff and senior management with scheduled updates on the practice performance through phone calls, e-mails, and periodic on-site meetings.
Conduct weekly or monthly employee training.
Customized training sessions to ensure staff retention of information.
Early Morning Huddle – Conduct daily, weekly, or monthly (depending on your plan) early morning huddle (before the start of the day) meetings to call everyone’s attention to the goal for that day, and to discuss other matters that may arise.
Ongoing monitoring of performance by an objective third party.
Development and monitoring of practice measurements.
Staff accountability/evaluation.
Post Optimization follow-up visit to ensure workflow processes are being followed.
Mentoring of key personnel
Review daily goals, Task assignments, and strategies to hit daily goals.
Dedicated remote video
A dedicated bi-directional communication via real-time secure chat, internal email, file sharing, etc.
Real-time employee management hub for clock-ins, vacation or time off requests, write-ups, etc.
On-site Visit for Observation of Practice Workflow
HR – Employee Time and Reports (Employee Evaluation, Leave Management, Absence Chart, Work Time, Work Reports, Writeups/Discipline, Meetings & Briefings).
Implement a carefully controlled calendar – Each month brings with it a new set of deadlines — financial reports, profit sharing and 401(k) filings, training requirements, and internal project milestones.
Implement a policy of not opening mail, electronic or otherwise, until you’re prepared to deal with it. Be ready to process the mail once you open it. Don’t leave the mail unresponded to – hoping to return to it at a later time.



No Local Targeted Marketing $649 value (free)
Medical Billing – 40% discount from the regularly published pricing
Collection Calls – to recover past payments- up to 500 calls/month
Medical Records – Creating and sending out invoices for medical records requests (up to $1000/month revenue)
No website maintenance (a $345 value). Get a 30% discount from regularly published pricing
No predictive analytics – $1200 value (free) – provides practices the ability to use the vast, real-time data sets, such as those collected by electronic health record (EHR) systems to improve practice operational processes.
No internal (mini) project participation – 0/month
Staff Training/Education – 2x/Year
Employee Evaluation – 2x/Year



Incoming call management system – for internal call routing, and recording for customer service training.
A standardized workflow process for the entire group.
Setup digital fax management system for dynamic document management
Set up an inventory management system for supplies
Set up a corporate employee email management system
Set up a clear process for handling tests and referrals
Set up a system for passing along complete and accurate messages
Standardizing the processing of new patient paperwork intake
Set up a system for preparing the patient’s chart for the next day's encounter
Set up a task management system to drive milestone and goal achievements
Set up digital storage for duplicate personnel and financial records
Set up a patient satisfaction management system
Lab report verifications, processing, instrument sanitization, and proper communication via EHR.


Attract, retain, and develop employees to help you achieve a competitive edge. Use our services to establish structure and transform your staff into a self-managed professional workforce – using Lean and Kaizen techniques. See what we can achieve together as a coherent unit.


Bridge the skills gap and maximize the potential of your employees with industry-standard innovative solutions from Remote Practice Managers. Our unique, consultative approach combines practical evidence-based management and industry expertise with the unrivaled ability to measure practice performance and track employee productivity.

a) Close the Skills Gap
Experience immediate impact with programs tailored to close the skill gaps most relevant to your organization.

b) Keep Good People
Attract top talent and keep them engaged with the help of benefits that focus on skill development, leadership, and process improvement.

c) See the Results
Real-world learning offers both theoretical and practical application of knowledge and job execution that translate into immediate revenue increase.


Our highly skilled remote consultants work closely with you to create business/employee development programs that provide real value for your practice – while helping your employees develop the skills they need to carry out their assigned tasks and duties.

a) Invest in Your Practice
Become a Remote Practice Managers partner and receive tailored optimizing solutions designed to develop the competencies and skills your organization needs to achieve performance objectives.

b) Advance Your Business
The Remote Practice Managers‘ Applied Process Improvement Series is a high-impact business optimization program focused on improving the key competencies of your employees in their drive to achieve high performance.


Plain Savings: You pay us 70% much less than you would a full-time practice manager.
Tax Savings: Your employee tax obligations for the practice manager vaporize instantly because you have none.
A Team of Experts Behind You: Once you hire us, you have a whole team of experts working with a singular purpose to generate more profit for your organization through performance improvement efforts.
Less Worry: Hiring us means that you now have to worry less about the good management of your practice.
You have all the Good and not the Bad: Hiring us also means that you don’t have to deal with any negative attitudes associated with people. You’ll only see our best attitudes at all times – being consistently professional.
Management By Numbers and Evidence: We are big in translating every aspect of management into numbers. This approach gives us more insights and allows us to conduct evidence-based management.
Superb Collaboration Tools: Collaboration, Collaboration, & Team Collaboration. For us to succeed, communication through collaboration is priority number one. We believe that equal access to information is critical to organizational performance improvement.
We’re With You at All Times: We are with you wired at all times – even when relaxing in your bed! We’re just a click away – text, chat, video…asynchronously connected through the use of collaboration tools.
Use of Productivity Tools to Generate and Manage Tasks: We divide and assign daily responsibilities into tasks and effectively monitor the progress of every staff until completion or before they close for the day.
No Vacations Or Sick Leave: With us, you have none of these to worry about with regard to the office/practice manager position.

We're pioneers in this field. Above all, it works! Our approach makes sense. Let the numbers do the talking.


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes – if you have a trial subscription and you’re within the trial period, then you may cancel at any time up to 24 hours before the end of the trial period, and you will not be charged.

If you have a paid subscription, you can cancel at any time up to 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, otherwise, the subscription will automatically renew. Canceling a subscription will still allow you to have full access to the website maintenance features until the end of the subscription period.


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