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Powerful Professional PowerPoint Video Creation & Design - Standard

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The Standard Package – 0 to 49 slides.

Send us a written text and images (if available) and we will build a powerfully animated professional PowerPoint video presentation for all your marketing needs. Regardless of what the purpose is, if you need a PowerPoint presentation we will have one ready for you in no time. For the audio, you can simply send us audio of the exact text you sent us or we can generate audio for you. This is a well thought out service for small to medium businesses without dedicated staff for skilled projects such as this.

Let us design a powerful professional PowerPoint video creation for all your business needs without tieing up your staff with something they are honestly not equipped to do. This removes frustrations from back and forth debates on whether the finished product is good enough to go public.

We do the hard work and the heavy lifting of laying the foundation and rendering the finished product. You can tweak the finished product as you deem fit on your own if you so wish. This, you can do as long as you have a working copy of Microsoft PowerPoint software.